High Winds damage fences

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Hello, Joe Werst here and you can call the Austin Fence Doctor anytime at 512-393-8916.

We have just had our first little cool down in Austin this fall, and the last few days have been great.  However, with the cooler weather came some pretty high winds when the front blew in.  Older fences with loose or rotten posts are particularly vulnerable during weather like this.   I always seem to get lots of calls after a day or two of high winds.  High winds damage Austin Fences if the fence posts are unstable or rotted.  Austin Fence Doctor can easily repair these problems.

Sometimes only a single fence section comes out, and other times I have seen the whole fence on one side of the yard fall down.  While this does look like a catastrophe, with the right knowledge and equipment the repair is usually pretty straightforward.   I can even replace those old, broken wood posts with new galvanized steel posts so they won’t rot off again in the future.







Unlike other fence companies, the Austin Fence Doctor does not have a minimum fee, and will come to replace one post if that is all you want to repair at the time.  So, if the high winds have damaged your fence over the past few days, or even if it has been a few months, just call 512-393-8916 for the Austin Fence Doctor to repair your fence in Austin and the surrounding areas.

After your Austin Fence is repaired and stabilized, we can also clean your fence and stain it to really make it shine.  We are your Austin area total fence care company.

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