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Austin metal fences

The Austin Fence Doctor repairs and installs new wrought iron fences.  Call us anytime at 512-393-8916.

With our portable welder, we can fix, repaint, repair, and install brand new wrought iron fences anywhere in the Austin area.  Austin wrought iron fence repair is also a specialty of ours.  We recently installed a brand new wrought iron fence at a central Austin location and it really looks classy.

There is a certain art to installing wrought iron fences correctly, and Austin Fence Doctor does it right the first time.  Gates have to hang straight and open easily and each section must be level.

Wrought iron metal fences add so much value to the home.  Their simple but classy lines show off many aspects of a home that potential buyers look for when home shopping.  Wrought iron fences by Austin Fence Doctor look beautiful and stay that way for many years.  Once you outfit your home with a wrought iron fence by Austin Fence Doctor, your maintenance worries are over for several years.  You won’t be needing any staining and they won’t warp or blister in the hot Texas sun.

However, if your wrought iron fence does need some work due to age or damage, call the Austin Fence Doctor for wrought iron fence repair and installation.

Call Joe, the Austin Fence Doctor,  anytime at 512-393-8916.


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