Austin hot weather fences

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Austin weather tough on fences too

Yep, it has been hot this year and your yard, gardens, and trees are not the only things that suffer in the extreme heat.  Your fence also suffers and cracks and splits and warps and no telling what else.

The Good News?  Austin Fence Doctor can fix your sagging gates, split fences, warped fence boards and posts, and keep you and your yard and pets safe and sound.  You can call us anytime at 512-393-8916.  And yes, we make house calls even in hot weather.

In the photo, we built this customer a badly needed new gate.

Here is a short story for you.  Just last week we received a ‘panic’ call from a small business whose fence had been run into by a vehicle.  The fence was destroyed, and it left the outside contents of the business exposed and vulnerable.  They asked if we could get to it right away.  We were working on a pretty good sized job at the time, but we were able to pull away, go take care of that emergency, ease that business owner’s mind and secure his property even though it took a good part of the night to do it.

That is because we are all about customer service and keeping our Austin Fence customers happy, safe, and secure.

You can call Austin Fence Doctor with confidence.  Call us anytime at 512-393-8916.

We can fix your fences, build new fences, build an entire subdivision full of fences, or fix your gate.

We’re the good guys, call us anytime for your Austin area Fence concerns.


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